emergency stock

Always an overview of your emergency stock

Simply scan the barcode, select expiry; finished. Practical lists; also by email. Create a barcode for your self-made products

Emergency stock

Keep track of

Create barcode

Create a barcode for your self-made supplies. Record and print the name and expiry date; finished.

Digital = good; Paper more practical!

Digital is not always practical. Print out your supply list and hang it on the bulletin board in the kitchen. Then you can see at a glance what is in your stock.

The easiest way to manage your inventory; scan, done. Stay on top of things!

Check what you have on the go. Recognize what is about to expire in your supply; Stop food waste!
With practical lists, sortable and filterable. But also very classic in paper form; Order and print the list as a PDF.
Everyone as he sees it as practical.
Take a product out of stock? Simply scan the barcode; finished.

to register

After registering, you can also use your login for the IOS or Android app. This makes it even easier for you to manage your stock; simply scan the barcode and add it or take it from stock. Or you can see what's in your stock on the go.